With limited skills in the kitchen and having never attended a cooking class before, my fiance and I had no idea what to expect prior to arriving for our night of fun. Within the first 10 minutes of the class and after getting to know Tracy and her mother-in-law we quickly realized that not only were we going to have a great time cooking together, but we would also learn some valuable tools to navigating the kitchen and implementing proper cooking techniques throughout the night.

Overall, my fiance and I could not have been happier by the end of the 3-hour cooking class. Tracy did a wonderful job of inserting herself when needed, but also giving us the flexibility and space to figure certain aspects of the dishes out ourselves. We each returned home with smiles on our faces, full bellies, and an eagerness to get back into the kitchen and continue perfecting our newfound skills.

A special thanks to Tracy, Nick, and Stacey for welcoming us into their home and making the class a very very worthwhile experience to remember!   3/27/2012 5 Stars!

Mmmmmm! pretty much sums of the night spent at Savory Greens cooking class in Belmont, MA. 

Chef Tracy Stamos really outdid herself with the delectable dishes that varied from sage goat cheese crostini, cranberry couscous, pecan summer salad, and pork au jus. And even though we barely had room for the almond cake to top it all off it was well worth it! 

Tracy and her friendly assistant provided wonderful instruction and helped our class of eight create each dishes that did not disappoint! It was great learning how to whip up goat cheese into a flavorful spread and discovering that cranberry and raisins do in fact go very well with couscous and chicken broth. 

Tracy also had ample fresh herbs of all varieties straight from her garden to add to each of the dishes….there is NOTHING like fresh herbs in a meal!

I look forward to bringing my friend to another cooking class here, because I know he will benefit greatly from Tracy’s lesson. Learning how to turn a mundane weeknight meal of spaghetti and meatballs into a mouth-watering dish of roasted lamb and rosemary risotto is something Chef Tracy can surely help anyone accomplish. 

Thank you again Tracy!

Bolton, MA


We wanted to learn more - and why not spend it with Tracy in Savory Green's Kitchen cooking a Valentine's Day inspired French Cuisine Menu!

We cooked with two other couples and the meal turned out FABULOUS!  Tracy can tailor the menu to any food allergies or requests that you may require - some in our group had specific needs and that was all taken care of for them!

We savored the food after we learned such things as: Proper knife cutting techniques, French Culinary Parchment Paper Folding - en papillote, and how to properly segment an orange!

The time flew by and when we looked up it was 10:45pm!  It was a wonderful night and we highly recommend it!

5 Stars!

-Lisa and Dan S.


Who would have thought an educational experience could be so delicious? It's one thing to know about organic and sustainable ingredients. However, combining those elements into a gourmet experience is something else altogether.

Chef Tracy Stamos deftly uses her educational background(s) to create an unforgettable dining experience. She manages to coax dynamic flavors from the simplest of ingredients through the melding of new concepts in sustainability with old-school attention to detail. Enlighten your mind and your taste buds at Savory Green University!
5 Stars!

Alex Y. 

February 10, 2012
Couples Cook French Valentine Dinner


I wanted to thank you for running a great cooking class and making it a very enjoyable evening last week for all of us.

You reminded us how much we enjoy cooking and eating. I would love to talk to you about the design of your kitchen. The layout worked really well and I would like to change our kitchen to be more efficient and plan on  the perfect kitchen for my next house. 

Thanks and I am sure we will do this again.
John & Adeline

John Tse
Senior Associate, Realtor

Hammond Residential Real Estate
1775 Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, MA 02420

Had a wonderful time cooking at Savory Green. Four couples cooking a four course meal, laughing, eating, and sharing stories. An excellent way to spend an evening and you come away with a full set of recipes to make again. Highly recommended.
5 Stars!

Paul S.

I recently attended a cooking class at Savory Green University.

Tracy Stamos the chef/owner is a classically trained chef and long time proponent of fresh seasonal organic cooking as an essential part of healthy living, Tracy recently completed a Master Degree in Sustainability and Environmental Management at Harvard. Tracy is friendly, knowledgeable and an amazing cook. Her passion is infectious. You too will come out of this experience with a much greater appreciation for the health impact of the food we eat and the need to grow our food sustainably.

I took the soup class with five other people. The chef put us in three teams of two. This had the interesting effect of putting the teams in a friendly competition with each other. I could easily see how this could be a very constructive team building exercise for groups that attend one of Tracy's classes.

The six people who attending the class varied widely in their cooking experience and skills but everybody picked up new skills and techniques and a real appreciation for "green cuisine". Even the students with minimal cooking experience were made to feel comfortable by Tracy. Her easy to follow step by step recipes had everyone producing delicious dishes with confidence.

We turned out half a dozen mouth-watering dishes then all sat down to in an elegant dining room to feast on our accomplishments. The food, wine and conversation for were worth the price of admission. I would pay more for the sit down dinner alone. The skills I learned will last a lifetime...

Take a class with friends or family, you love the experience! 5 Stars!