Spring Menu

Spring is an exciting season of green goodness! Indulge your palette in the heart healthy flavors of the New England season prepared in our Mediterranean style. Healthy foods and happy tummies! (Minimum of $45/person charge and $1000 for total food order)

 Continental Breakfast Offerings

Our House-made Scones  Choose from Cranberry-orange, Blueberry, Maple, Savory Honey-Cheddar and Lemon-thyme Scones

Our House Made Muffins  Choose from Cinnamon-Spiced Buttermilk Crumb,  Blueberry,  Cranberry walnut, lemon-poppy seed.

Seasonal Quiche Asparagus, mushroom, spinach and feta

Freshly-made Bagels   Additional Items that you may want to add to your offering: smoked salmon, cream cheese, fruit jam, butter for an additional charge

Fresh Fruit   Pastry-Free Seasonal Fruit Tatin in sweet and savory honey-lemon dressing


Fair-trade coffees and teas

Organic Orange Juice


Fresh Asparagus and Mushroom Tarts

Herbed spring pea mash over Crostini topped with Fresh Parmesan slices

Watercress Soup Cups  Fresh watercress with potato and herbs, riced to a creamy consistency – without the cream! A Chef Tracy Fav!

Mini Savory Phyllo Salad Cups Filling choices include lobster, crabmeat, tuna, or Caesar salad fillings.

Tapenades  Our black olive tapenade spread has been a favorite, but our green olive tapenade offers a delicious twist on this popular starter. Tapenade is served with crostini.


(Sandwich Choices can also be prepared as finger-sandwiches)

Herbed Goat Cheese Medallion Wraps

Herbed goat cheese medallions gently sautéed to a golden finish, topped with an organic tomato slice. This light and delicious wrap is drizzled with a lemon-infused olive oil, and wrapped in delicious seasonal buttery lettuce

Tuna Salad with capers toasted pine nuts, fresh herbs and tossed in a canola oil-mayonnaise rolled with fresh green lettuce in a pita wrap.

Herbed Chicken Salad with fresh French tarragon, celery bites, and golden raisins crispy romaine, fresh tomato in a Brioche roll

Prosciutto de Parma, Provolone Cheese, arugula and fig spread in a Ciabatta roll

Meat Dishes

Boneless Chicken Breast, sautéed and steeped in a smoky tea.

Chicken is served with herbed fingerling potatoes

Braised Grass-Fed Beef with Root Vegetables and Potatoes finished with a Merlot reduction

Mediterranean- Style Grass-Fed Sirloin topped with an herbal medley of cured olives

Osso Buco of Lamb Shanks with a Zucchini-infused Egg Lemon Sauce served with herbed Couscous

Fish! We are happy to prepare seasonal fish upon your request. Please ask and we will connect with our fish monger for best catches!


Seasonal Green Salad with fresh asparagus and Gruyere Reserved cheese shavings in herbed lemon vinaigrette.

Perfumed Saffron- Couscous with toasted Pignolia Nuts

Mustard Greens, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers and tempeh sautéed and seasoned tossed with farfalle pasta

Seasoned Fiddle-Head Beans, Cubes of Golden and Red Beets, Beet Greens sautéed and tossed with cork-screw pasta.

Tracy's Red-Bliss Potato Salad

Pasta Salad with Seasonal Vegetables in vinaigrette


Chocolate Mousse topped with Tracy’s topping

Citrus Glazed Rhubarb Tart

Italian Style Berries marinated in aged balsamic vinegar topped with Tracy’s topping.

Seasonal Lemon with White Chocolate Mousse Parfait topped with Fresh Spring Strawberries

Seasonal Fruits   Fresh berries, melon, pears, apples

Tracy’s Signature Chocolate Baklava and No White Sugar Chocolate Baklava

Indulge in the Baklava that you know, only enjoying the traditional walnut layers as chocolate-coated style layers!

Traditional Greek-style Baklava