Cooking Class Gift Certificates

Savory Green Cooking Class Gift Certificates are perfect for any occasion and can be used for Cooking Couples classes, wine classes, pastry arts classes, and even for one of our many special events.

Savory Green Cooking Class Gift Certificates can be purchased for specific classes or as coupon to be applied as a credit to any class offered during registration. You can purchase Gift Certificates of $50, $100, $200, $300 redeemable for any scheduled Savory Green Cooking with available space. Please email or call us at (617) 702-2433 to order.

The Savory Green Cooking Class Gift Certificates are redeemable at the Savory Green Coking School facility located at 24 Jeanette Ave, Belmont, MA  02478. Gift Certificates can be mailed directly to your recipient if you provide his or her address in the shipping information. Gift Certificates are sent through standard USPS mail within 24 hours of purchase and require 2-3 shipping days to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How long are gift certificates valid?
Seven years after purchase.

Are they refundable?
No. Gift certificates can be transferred from one person to another. Gift certificate funds are applied to a class at the time of registration, so the usual cancellation policy applies.

Can I buy a gift certificate for a particular class?
Yes. Gift Certificate can be purchased for classes or as coupons to be applied to any class that has available spots. Offered classes, availability, and prices are subject to change.

Are these on-line gift certificates or real paper ones?
These are real paper gift certificates that can be sent directly to the recipient at your request. It consists of a beautiful custom designed gift box, with a description of the Savory Green Cooking School, sample cooking classes, information on how to register and attend, and of course a paper gift certificate.

When will my gift certificate get shipped?
We'll ship your gift certificate as soon as we receive your payment or your check.