Tracy L. Stamos is the President and Executive Chef of Savory Green, Inc., a firm she created in 2006 as an inspired response to the growing food provision and sustainability dilemmas in American culture. As Tracy has observed, in recent decades, the food industry in America has become a large and growing source of pollution, energy wastage and excessive resource consumption. Moreover, those who listen to the news are often struck by stories about food recalls such as most recently, eggs, tomatoes or tainted beef in fast-food restaurant chains. In short, the food that emerges from America's mass market production system is not nutritious, tasty or even safe. In response to these patterns of unhealthy and unsustainable food provision, Tracy Stamos made a personal commitment to change the distributing trends in our food system.

Over the past decade, Tracy undertook explicit course training and extended graduate research through Harvard University's Environmental Management Program to devise an innovative means to address these large problems in a practical, deliberate and locally effective manner. In 2006, Tracy graduated with a Master's degree in Environmental Management from Harvard's Division of Continuing Education and was the recipient of the Dean's Prize in Environmental Management for her Master's thesis. Subsequently, she went on to complete training as a professional chef from the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, where she received the M.F.K. Fisher Award for excellence upon graduation. Upon completing the formal training, Tracy created and since developed the concept of Savory Green, Inc. as a food related business specializing in Earth-Friendly Mediterranean Cuisine.

The concept of Savory Green goes beyond simple food preparation. Tracy's commitment to the environment is best seen through her work with Savory Green, Inc. Teaching others ways in which they can adopt sustainable practices to better do their part in protecting the environment is delivered through consulting, catering and educating students in the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program at Harvard University. Education has always been a critical component in Tracy's professional career. Formerly a science educator for ten years in Massachusetts Public Schools, Tracy continues her commitment to science education through Savory Green, Inc. and Harvard's Sustainability and Environmental Management Program. We have one planet and a global environmental crisis to acknowledge.

Tracy advocates to always know what you are truly eating as food today is not always what it may look like. There is a reason why food prices may be low. As Tracy observes, we should "...always dine knowing that you have the world on your plate. Best decisions are imperative! Since we are what we eat, we should make the effort to learn what it is that we are eating and ask ourselves not only if the food can be sustained, but if it will be for our best good..."

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Tracy L. Stamos, BS, M.ED Lesley University
ALM Environmental Management Harvard University
Professional Chef, CSCA